My family favourite recipes digital cookbook

My family favourite recipes digital cookbook

My digital cookbook is now available to buy NOW

’20’ is a collection of recipes you and your family will love .

These are my family’s favourite recipes that we cook all the time. All recipes in the book are cooked and photos by me at home in my kitchen and tested by my family all the time. The salmon teriyaki is on the meal plan every other week.

I think we can all say that 2020 has been an interesting year! And since I have a lot of time at home, I thought I would put together a quick digital cookbook  (Printed copy coming soon) 

My Family Favourite is the first of a collection of 20 recipes from Fish Come From The Sky.

Why only 20 recipes? 

I feel that we all have busy lives, and sometimes deciding what to cook for the family can be the hardest tasks. If, like me, you love food and you love cooking but sometimes just need inspiration as to what to have for dinner after a long day. With 20 recipes it makes it easier to make a decision. How many times have you sat with a cookbook to decide what to have for dinner or to make a meal plan and you realized that you have spent 2 hours looking at recipes after recipes but can not decide on anything because there is too much choice.  

In this book I have picked 20 of my family favourite dishes to make it easier for you.  The recipes are simple and delicious including Thai green curry, Beef chilli and basil, Crispy garlic and chilli chicken and Apple and caramel cake. 

Sometimes the simplest things are just better. The cookbook is now available for you to buy here. 

I hope you will enjoy cooking from the book as much as I have putting it together. 

Disclosure: I want to let you all know, that some of the links on my blog posts are affiliate links, meaning that if you decide to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission – but that comes at NO extra cost to you. I hope these resources that I use, can also be of help to you. If you choose to purchase through my link, I would be extremely grateful, and it will help me to continue to maintain this food blog. I’ll only ever have a link to things I will use and never have a link to something simply because it’s part of an affiliate program.

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