About me

About me

I was born in Thailand many, many years ago….. (Let’s not go there! still not very comfortable with how old I am). So let’s go back a few years when I was 11. I moved to Bahrain to be with my mother where I helped out in her restaurant. I arrived to the kitchen where my mum was making curry paste. I can still remember how great it smelt even now. She’s got me to help peeled the garlic and destalked the chilli. I managed to get the chilli in my eyes and I was not allowed in the kitchen again. That did not stop me eating all the scrumptious food that came out of that kitchen thought. And this is where my love of food begins and to be honest! it has never stopped. I believe that there are people who eat to live and people who live to eat, I am the latter.

Then in 1991 I moved to England where I have continued my loved of food by working in Thai restaurants and pubs. Mainly in the front of house as I was not good enough to be cooking for paying customers (their words not mine!). However, this never stopped me hanging out in the kitchen all the time hoping for some scraps if nothing else. I did pick up a few tips here and there though.

Now let’s fast forward to 2012 where I am now a mum (mummy) to 2 beautiful girls Marisa 21 and Emma-Jane 3 and wonderful husband James. And I have decided to have a midlife crisis!!
So I left my job to stay at home looking after my family and be a better mummy. Not that I was not before but like I said midlife crisis.
Then my brain got a bit bored!! My 21 years old daughter has got a life of her own, as they do. And as much as 3 years old can tire you out no end I still needed more. I needed a challenge so after a lot of thought and consideration I decided to write a cookbook. I might have had a motive in deciding to do this. ie all the food I can try cooking and eating of course. And as mid life crisis goes it was not that bad a thing to do, I could have gone and got a tattoo……. oh……. I might have done that too.

Here we are 2014 my cookbook
is done and it is not bad in fact I think it is rather good. My style of cooking is leaning more toward fusion although I don’t like that word and to some people maybe more confusion. So I am going to say that it is more “Modern Thai cooking”

I like to mix and match ingredients and cooking methods from different cuisines. This gives me the opportunity to learn about each cuisine and culture and give me a better understanding on how to blend the dishes together.
My motto is “to cook with passion”. It is the most important ingredient to cook with and if you do that, your food will be fantastic.
So if you would like to see the end results of one of my midlife crisis then take a look at my book. Fish Come From The Sky

My second midlife crisis is the blog you are reading.

I will say one more thing though, I am a home cook not a professional chef and as you can tell from my writing that I am not a writer either but that does not stop me from doing what I love.
However I would love any feedback positive or negative that is the only way one can learn.
You can contact me on any of the below media.

Email – Jackie@fishcomefromthesky.com

twitter – @fishcomefromsky
facebook – facebook/fishcomefromthesky
pintrest – www.pinterest.com/FCFTS

instantgram – instagram.com/fishcomefromthesky





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