About me

About me

Sawasdee – Hello! I am Jackie, OK, it is Nuntanit but I am sure you will agree that Jackie is a lot easier to say.  And in case you are still trying to work out how to pronounce it? It is Nun – ta – nit.                              

I am a Thai food writer and recipe developer. But I don’t just write about Thai food. Here I will share with you my love of food and creating recipes that are easy to make and delicious for my family and friends. 

I want to get you creating exciting dishes from around the world with your family. Cooking just needs practice and imagination, Anyone can do this. My mission is to get families to enjoy cooking and eating together. 

I will show you how easy it can be. You will be amazed how much fun you can have cooking with your children. I believe that getting kids to love and to be excited about food is the most important thing in ensuring that they have a healthy relationship with food. 

Check out my Kids Eat Index for all of my easy recipes from around the world.

What about me? 

I am from Thailand and now  live in East Sussex surrounded by the beautiful South Downs and a stony yet charming beach. I am married with 2 beautiful girls and we all love food. We enjoy trying out new dishes and have chicken wings eating competition.The record holder is my older daughter who managed 25 chicken wings in one sitting.    

Why Fish Come From The Sky?

So you’re wondering why I called my blog Fish Come From The Sky?

Well, because they do! Don’t they?  Or maybe my cousin pranked me when I was 6 and I believed that fish can come from the sky till I was 15!  

There are many times in my life that I was told I can not do something or that somethings are just not possible. When I wanted to start my blog, I was told that my English was not good enough to write recipes for people to cook from. To that I say “if fish can come from the sky then I can do anything.


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Oh, and you will find it easier if you read my blog with a Thai accent.




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