Deep fried Ice-Cream

Deep fried Ice-Cream

I have not turned crazy and decided to deep fry Ice-cream. I know it sounds all kinds of wrong but it is so right. I have not had anyone who has tried this and not loved it yet. If they can deep fry Mars bars in Scotland why can’t I deep fry ice-cream?

To serve 4, you will need:
4 scoops, ice cream of your choice. Try not to use soft ice cream
8 sheets, filo pastry (get a pack as you will break a few)
50g, melted butter
1ltr, cooking oil

Let’s cook!
Scoop the ice cream into round shape the size of a golf ball and freeze on a lined baking tray for at least 6 hours.
Cut the pastry in to squares big enough to cover your ice cream, about 9 inches. Place 2 sheets of the cut pastry over lapping each other at an angle so that it looks like a star. Have the sheets on your hand, get a scoop of ice cream and place it in the middle. Gently wrap the pastry around the ice cream making sure there are no holes. Seal the pastry with a little melted butter and return to the freezer. Freeze for a further 2 hours.
It is very important that the ice cream does not melt. So, the best way is to have your pastry ready, get one scoop out and then wrap. Return to freezer and bring out the next scoop.
Heat up the oil in a sauce pan to a high heat. Check by dropping a small piece of the pastry in. It should pop up to the top as soon as it hits the oil. Once the oil is ready, fry the ice cream,2 at a time. Gently move it around to make sure it is nice and brown all over. It should take no more than 1 minute. Drain on kitchen paper, dust with icing sugar and serve with chocolate sauce.
Do not remove the ice-cream from the freezer until you need. Cook it straight from freezer to oil.
You can brush the pastry with melted butter first to makes it easier to wrap the pastry around the ice-cream
Always make 2 more than you need just in case one breaks.
Note: English is not my first language. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.


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