How to make – Fried garlic Oil

How to make – Fried garlic Oil
 How to make fried garlic oil? Easier than you think.
This is the one ingredient I cannot live without. I use it on everything. It does make your house smell of garlic when you make it but you only have to do it once in a while.
It is also great just simply tossed with freshly cooked pasta and a bit of chilli. It is the secret ingredient in my Spagbol, so do not tell anyone.
You do have to make a batch of it at a time as it is difficult to control the oil when you cook it in small amounts. It will keep in air tight jar for months.
You will need:
4 bulbs garlic
150ml, vegetable oil (you cannot use Olive oil for this)
Let’s cook!
Peel the garlic, do not worry about taking all the skins off. In fact I prefer to leave some of the skin on as long as they are not too hard, just removing only the outer skins but it is up to you. Mince the garlic in a food processor, pound it or chop whichever is best for you.
Add the garlic and oil together in a saucepan then place over a low to medium heat, stirring all the time, whatever you do, DO NOT take your eyes off, it can burn very easily. Remove from heat as soon as the garlic has caught some colour. The hot oil will continue to cook the garlic till it is golden brown.
Leave to cool down completely before storing.
Once you have started to use this in your recipes you will wonder how did you live with out it all this time.
Note: English is not my first language. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.
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