Grilled Prawns with Thai Slaw

Grilled Prawns with Thai Slaw

Few weeks back we had a few friends who we have not seen for almost a year coming over to stay for the weekend and I could not wait to see them all.

They are my husband old housemates and their other half and since we have moved away we do not get to see them as much as we would love too. Life just get in the way I guess. Any way after a few emails and few text we have finally managed to have 4 of them coming over to stay, a day out to the beach and a visit to the local farm shop has been organised.

It was once I have asked them for their dietary requirements that I realised how much fun I am going to have cooking that weekend.

One of our friends does not eat meat and that is ok, we have had a family member over the month before who only eat seafood and my daughter’s girlfriend is vegetarian so I am now an expert at this.

The other couple however can not eat dairy, wheat or gluten the weekend just got interesting.

If you have read any of my blogs you might be able to tell that I am a meat eater and love all things that is bad for you. It’s not that I do not know that the blogs I write are of recipes that are bad for you, my recipes are more of a treat. Not somethings to eat daily.

Most of my recipes should come with a health warning, but as there are so many healthy eating bloggers out there already I thought I would stick with being noughtie but nice blogger.

So I see trying to cook with no meat, dairy, wheat or gluten a challenge, a good challenge a challenge I am looking forward to accept with pleasure.

The result was? I had so much fun trying to cook to suit everyone needs and to stay true to Fish Come From The Sky modern Thai style of cooking.

We had Grilled prawns with Thai slaw and sticky rice for starter, follow by Pea Soup with pan fried Scallops. Main was pan fried Red Curry Fish and we finish of the evening with Summer Fruit sorbet. Oh and of course a huge plater of local cheeses.

In case you are wondering what a Thai Slaw is? it is basically a version of SomTum but because I can not find any green papaya I had to use cabbage and carrots I feel that I could not call it SomTum because of that. The dish was amazing as a starter it was easy to make most of it can be done ahead and quickly put together at the end.

I hope you will like it as much as our friends did.

Grilled Prawns with Spicy Thai Slaw
Grilled Prawns with Spicy Thai Slaw

To served 6 You will need:

For the Grille Prawns:
18 king prawns peel and deveined (I kept the tails on)
1tbs Chopped fresh Coriander
1 clove garlic – peeled and finely minced
Pinch of salt and pepper
1tbs Olive oil

For the Thai Slaw:
200g Thinly sliced Red cabbage or white if you prefer.
10 Fine green beans – cut to bite size
5 Small tomatoes – halved
100g Grated carrots
1 Clove garlic – peeled
2-3 Bird eyes chilli depending on how hot you like it.
4tbs Fresh lime/lemon juice
20g Palm sugar
11/2tbs Fish sauce
25g Salted Peanuts (optional)
10g Dried shrimps (optional)

For the Stick Rice:
200g uncooked Thai sticky rice
200ml water

Let’s cook!

First marinade the prawns in coriander, garlic, salt, pepper and oil. The night before would be great but if not for as long as you could.

We are going to cook the sticky rice in the microwave as it is the easiest way to do them.

Place the rice in a hard plastic container with lid and give the rice a good wash. I normally rinse it 3 times, not sure why I do this but I think I was told to do this at some point and now I feel that I have to do it.

Once clean add tap water to the rice cover and cook in the microwave for 5 minutes. Once it has pinked remove the lid and give the rice a good stir, then return to the microwave with the lid on for 5 more minutes. This time when it pinked remove from the microwave and leave the lid on for 2 minutes before removing the lid and give it a good fast final stir. Put the lid back on and leave to steam for 3 minutes removed the lid. your rice is now ready. I shaped the rice into small squares to served.

Make the Slaw

Now because we are making this with red cabbage we are not able to make it too far ahead of time as everything will turn pink.

Firstly toast the peanut and dried shrimp till lightly colour and leave to cool.

Then pound the garlic in a pestle and mortar. Once you have a fine paste add in the chilli continue to pound, add sugar make sure that it is all mashed into a paste. Add in half of the dried shrimp and peanut and give it a good crush but not too much.

Add in the lime or lemon juice depending on what you are using and the fish sauce.

Now give it a good stir using a spoon and taste, make sure it is to your liking. Adding extra sugar, lime and fish sauce as require. I prefer it to be sour, sweet, salty then spiciness that just kick you at the end.

Put all the salads in a large bow and give it a good mix with the dressing. You almost have to massage it. We would normally be pounding the salad in the pestle and mortar so you need to bruised the vegetables with your hands. Tip, use a glove when doing this as you do not want chilli on your hands. Add the reminding dried shrimp and peanut and leave the salad to get to know each other in the dressing while you cook the prawns.

Simply grilled the prawns till cooked (all depends on the size of your prawns how long it would take but it should be nice and pink when cooked)

It should not take more than a 5 minutes.

Served the prawns on top of salad and sticky rice on the side.


Note: English is not my first language. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

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