January Family Date

January Family Date

As you might have read from my last Family Journal post, I have planed to spend more time with my families and friends this year, and if it all goes well I may continue seeng them, hehe.

We (please understand that when I say “we” really it is just me) have decided that once a month we will have a family date. You know same as if you are going on a date, you make a bit of an effort to spend the time together. Like I mention in the last post all we seems to be doing with our daily life is barking orders at each other and rushing around.

Life has become so busy that we all forget to simply enjoy each others company or learnt about each others day.

Things that only takes a few minutes to do that would make your relationship with your family so much better.

Why is it that we all work hard at a relationship at the beginning and once you are married or have start a family you just stop? Well, I do not have the answer to that ether.

I just know that I would like to be better at making my family a happier one. I am not sure how successful I will be at it but I am going to give it a good go.

Me being me! I was not going to leave it as simple as “lets all go to the park” Nooooooooo. I had to make it more difficult, more challenging.

So we are doing our monthly family date in alphabetical order! and it has to be something we have never done together as a family. That has just add more fun into our date hasn’t it.

What did we do for our first month of family date?

A is for Art Gallery.

We are still broke from Christmas an Art gallery was the best place for us to visit.

We have never been to an Art gallery together before. Towner Art gallery in Eastbourne has just open a new exhibition on the same day we were having our date, and it is free! it seems perfect.

The day was perfect. Emj had a swimming lesson that finish at 1pm and we went into Eastbourne after she had finished. It was beautiful sunny day, and we had fish and chip on the pier. I mean how English can we be?  Say what you will about English seaside town but on a sunny day it is amazing. Yes it was cold, in fact it was freezing but we’er all wrapped up eating our salt and vinegar chips. It was one of the best Fish and chips I had in a long time.

Once we have finish our lunch we took a slow stroll alone the sea front to the Gallery. The exhibition was so cool. I am sorry, I am not an arty person and is not about to start to explain the exhibition to you in that way. To me it was so cool.

The exhibition was call “A certain kind of light” Light in Art over Six Decades.

Towner Eastbourne
Towner Eastbourne

My favourite was what looked like a disco ball in this huge room but once you looked closer at the disco ball it was all made with luna eclipse (not the actual moon). All the shadow its was projecting on to the wall was of all the luna eclipses. It was the coolest and amazing thing I have ever seen. I have told a few people about this and they have said that maybe you have to see it to understand what I am going on about so here is the video.

Emjs favourite was a large canvas with the shadow of other piece of art displaying on it. Not in an accidental way it was meant to be that way. It was amazing.

Rainbow art
Shadow made from the rainbow
Shadow made from the rainbow

I am not sure if the photo I took does it justice but here it is.

I am sorry that I do not have any other words to use to describe the exhibition apart from cool and amazing but those were the words we use as we were walking around the gallery.

The best thing about the day was that we were together, taking and joking. No phone,TV or internet (apart from when I use my phone to take photos).

We learnt so much about each other and we had a great time together. All it cost us was 12.75 and that included the parking.

I can not wait for our date in February. What could we do for B

Take care


Note: English is not my first language. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

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