Kids Eat

Kids Eat

Kids Eat is all about sharing what children from around the world are eating. Our mission is to show kids fun and delicious recipes from around the world. 

Each recipe is designed for parents to cook with children no matter their ability or confidence in the kitchen. What we want to encourage is the willingness to try new things and to fall in love with food.

We strongly believe that if we can guide / show our children to love food they will eat better food and have a healthy relationship with food. 

We hope you will give some, if not all of the recipes in ‘Kids Eat’ a try.

Check out the Our “Around The World From Kitchen” Facebook group.

Where each week the group will be cooking from one country and share their photos and experience to the group. 

We can explore the culture and food from around the world without leaving our home. 

I hope you will visit our Group and join us in exploring the world from your kitchen.

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