Kids Eat Cookbook Club

Kids Eat Cookbook Club

Someone asked me a while back what would you do if you win the lottery? Apart from the usual of getting the house of my dreams and making sure all my loved ones have all that they need. There were 2 things that I’ve always wanted to have.

First is a bookshop for children. I wanted a bookshop that children can come into and touch the books, sit down and look through the pages without anyone telling them off for making too much noise when they are reading the book aloud. We would have story time every afternoon with milk and cookies. It will be a cross between a bookshop and library.

Second is to write a cookbook. That simple really. I wanted to write cookbooks that would make families cook and eat together. Families and loved ones cooking and eating my recipes. If money was not an object and I could do whatever I wanted? That would be the 2 things I would like to do.  

But as I have not won the lottery (the fact that I do not buy tickets might be the issue here) I would still like to encourage families to cook and enjoy meals together.

I think this is the next best thing. The Kids Eat Cookbook Club.


What is Kids Eat Cookbook club? It is a Facebook group where we cook together with our children, recipes from around the world.  

Cooking with your children does not have to be stressful. It can be exciting and fun. It can be quality time together. It can be a great opportunity to try something new. It can be all the things you want it to be.  

The Kids Eat Cookbook Club. Similar to a book club, the only difference is we will be cooking as well as reading. Oh and eating. We will be doing a lot of eating. All the things I love doing in one place.

How does the club work? Each month we will be cooking from the same cookbook. 1 country, 1 cookbook, we are going to explore the world together through food. We will Cook, Eat and hopefully enjoy the food we have cooked. Then share our experiences and photos with the community. It is going to be a lot of fun.

The heart of this cookbook club is to develop and instill the love of food in our children, even the fussy eaters. We strongly believe that children can and should have a healthy relationship with food which will naturally lead to healthier choices and a healthier lifestyle without it being forced upon them.

Give the children a sense of ownership and choice by involving them in each stage of the process. From getting the cookbook to choosing the recipes and having fun cooking together. Many fussy eaters complain about wanting to eat what they have chosen. This way they can.

How to join the club? Head over to our Facebook group, Kids Eat Cookbook Club. Answer 3 simple questions so that we can get to know you a little. And that is it.

Come join us.

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