Pancake day – Dutch pancake

Pancake day – Dutch pancake

Pancake day, WoooooHoooo.

Why not try these lovely fluffy little Dutch pancake covered in chocolate, icing sugar and strawberries on this year pancake day.

I love pancake day don’t you? I mean it is a day when you can and should eat as many pancake as you possibly can. How can you not love that?

This year we will be having poffertjes or Dutch baby puffy pancakes.

My mother in-law and I have been going to south bank Christmas market for the last few years. We started off with going there for Emma-Jane, so that she can see all the lovely lights at Christmas. However the last 3 years we have been going there so that we can all stuff our faces with these little bites of soft and fluffy little pancakes that are covered in a well know chocolate spread and icing sugar.

Knowing how much my in-law love these pancakes I have decided to order her one for Christmas. Unfortunately I have not taken into consideration that unlike me she did not have a gas cooker, and the pan I got her only works on a gas cooker.

So I now have that great poffertjes pan.

I have had these in Amsterdam before and they would cover the poffertjes in icing sugar and topped with butter. It is yummy. The one we have at Southbank are with icing sugar and Nutella (who am I kidding we all knew what I meant when I said a well know chocolate spread) Emma-Jane like hers with icing sugar, Nutella and strawberries. Which does make me feel a little bit better that she is having some fruits on them.

Over the last few weekend I have made my family eat a few of these pancakes to try and find the perfect recipes for them, and I think I am finally there. It was a recipe from “ohmydish

I am not going to mess around with it. The recipe on ohmydish was perfect so please head on to their site for recipe.

I will however give you a few different ideas for topping. Ooooh I know right, lets me a rebel and try something different from sugar and lemon.

1, Cinnamon sugar made by mixing, 2tbs golden caster sugar and ½ tbs cinnamon.

2, Strawberry and clotted cream because we are in England and you will be amaze and how well it works on pancakes

3, Banoffie pie, Salted caramel (you can get these in a jar), banana and whip cream.

4, Nutella and strawberries, our house favourite.

5, Fruits and yoghurt, if you want a healthier option. Who am I kidding! its pancake day, be naughty.

For something really different why not try it with my crispy friend chilli and garlic chicken I have with on my waffle and fried chicken recipe.

Have a great day flipping pancakes.

Note: English is not my first language. Please excuse any spelling and grammatical error.

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