When the cat is away……

When the cat is away……

The mouse will eat very smelly food. Yep that is what I do when my husband goes away on business.
James use to go away once a month for 3-4 nights and I do not feel bad in saying sometime I look forward to him going away. Not because I do not love him or he drives me mad! No, no not at all (I have to say that just in case he reads this blog) it is because I am looking forward to eating spicy smelly food.

James loves Thai food and he can hold his own on hot spicy chilli. But, like most westerner he does find certain Thai dishes just a little bit too strong in flavour and smell or he just simply don’t like the same dishes as I do and that is ok. As marriage is a about compromise (and 2 TV in different rooms for you to watch what you want) I would cook the things he does not like when he is away.

There are a few things I like to do when James is away!. I guess you can call it “secret indulgent” it is mostly involved around food. I often experiment on new dishes this is only because I can be quite messy creating new dishes plus I like to be on my own when doing so. With a glass of wine in my hand music playing I find that it helps the creation along. And if I am not in the mood for cooking my biggest indulgent the one that is really bad for you and you know you should not go anywhere near it but you do any way. We all have one of those “secret indulgent” mine is……… I can’t tell you! You might judge me and hate me and throw stone at me. I can however tell you about the smelly food I cook when he was away last.

It is a chilli and shrimp paste sauce. My shrimp paste are kept in the very back of my cupboard in a sealed plastic bag and then into a plastic container , how can something that can make a dish taste so good smell so bad.
If you have not smelt shrimp paste before I am not really sure how to explain it. You know how smelly Stilton cheese can be? ok, imagine that but with a fishiest smell it’s something like that. Now you might say OMG I can’t eat that but the likely hood is, if you have eaten Thai food then you most likely have eaten shrimp paste.
Shrimp pastes are a base for most curry paste like stilton again you can’t really smell it once you cook it.

The problem with the Shrimp paste chilli sauce is you don’t cook the paste therefore the strong smell is still there. You can have the sauce with anything you like – fried chicken, boiled vegetable, boiled egg, Thai omelette the list goes on. I love it best with Fried Mackerel and this add on to the smell in the house and of course it has to be served with steamed hot Thai Jasmine rice. My mouth is salivating just writing about it.

The sauce are made by crushing together 1 clove garlic, chilli, palm sugar, lime, fish sauce and of course 1tsp of our beloved Shrimp paste and if you can find it Thai pea aubergine. That was how the chef in a Thai restaurant I used to work in told me how to make this sauce. I did asked for more details but she told me it is down to the individual how much chilli, sugar and lime to put in as we all do not have the same taste bud. Like most Thai flavour it should taste of chilli then sour follow by sweet and salty.

So that is what this mouse get up to when the cat is away.

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