Sawadee to you all.

Welcome to my blog, my name is Jackie. Ok, it is Nuntanit but I am sure you will agree that Jackie is a lot easier to say. Here I will share with you my love of food, creating recipes that are easy to make and delicious food for my family and friends. Be it a bit naughty.
I originally start the site to promote my cookbook that I wrote when I took time out to stay at home and look after my little one untill she was in full time school (best thing I have ever done).
It turned out that I had a lot more ideas and recipes that I wanted to research (in other words, eat) and share with you.

Jackie Murrin

What do I write about? Mostly anything to do with food. I love adapting classic Thai recipes into something a bit more modern and different just as much as the traditional Thai dishes.

Here are what you can expect from my blogs.

Recipes – This is where I share with you my recipes, tips and tricks. These are recipes I cooked for my family and friends. Dishes I love eating.  I like to mix and match ingredients and cooking methods from different cuisines. This gives me the opportunity to learn about each cuisine and culture and give me a better understanding of how to blend the dishes together.
 My motto is “cook with passion”. I think it is the most important ingredient to cook with and if you have the passion, your food will always be fantastic.

Kids Eats – is one of the new additions to my site. It is about what kids from around the world eat?
Kids from Japan are eating raw fish at the age of 5 and younger, kids in India are eating curry from an early age. Would it not be fun if our kids are trying all these wonderful dishes from around the world too? I know you are thinking not a chance! I believe that if you give kids the knowledge and make it fun for them, they will make the right choices in what to eat and you need not have the argument at meal time. Food is fun not a chore. Of course all the recipes here are tried and tested by Emj, my 8 year old. She is my sous chef/tester in these pages.

Shop – Coming soon!  This page will show you the things I use and have in my kitchen. Most of the things are available in oriental supermarkets. However, I do find it easier now that I live in the middle of nowhere to order online. You can also order my book here.

Contact – Where you can find all my contact details. Please do contact me if you have any questions on my recipes or if you would like to work with me.

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Short history of Jackie
I was born in Thailand many, many years ago….. (Let’s not go there! still not very comfortable with how old I am). So let’s go back a few years when I was 11. I moved to Bahrain to be with my mother where I helped out in her restaurant. This was the start of my food journey. I arrived to the kitchen where my mum was making fresh curry paste. I can still remember how great it smelt even now. She’s got me to help peeled the garlic and destalked the chilli. I managed to get the chilli in my eyes and I was not allowed in the kitchen again.

I moved to England in 1991 where I have continued with my loved of food by working in Thai restaurants and pubs. Mainly in the front of house as I was not good enough to be cooking for paying customers (their words not mine!). However, this never stopped me hanging out in the kitchen all the time hoping for some scraps if nothing else. I did pick up a few tips here and there though.
Now let’s fast forward to 2017 where I am now a mum (mummy) to 2 beautiful girls Marisa 25 and Emma-Jane 8 and wonderful husband James. I work part-time to pay the bills and any time I have left I spend it on this blog which is my passion and I would love to be able to do more of it.

Thank you.
Lastly, thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and I hope you will enjoy the recipes I shared.
If you have any questions about how to cook any of my recipes or anything related to Thai food, I’d love to hear from you.
One last thing, I am a home cook not a professional chef and as you can tell from my writing that I am not a writer either but that does not stop me from doing what I love. I hope you can excuse any spelling and grammatical error I might have made. 
I would love any feedback positive or negative that is the only way one can learn.You can contact me here or leave me a comment on any blog post.
Nice to meet you and I look forward to connecting with you more.


Disclosure: I want to let you all know, that some of the links on my blog posts are affiliate links, meaning that if you decide to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission – but that comes at NO extra cost to you. I hope these resources that I use, can also be of help to you. If you choose to purchase through my link, I would be extremely grateful, and it will help me to continue to maintain this food blog. I’ll never have a link to something simply because it’s part of an affiliate program.

Thank you!