My Book

My Book

They said “there is a book in everyone” and mine is a cookbook. The first thing everyone asks you when you tell them you have written a cookbook is “What is it about?”

Well…….. It is about my journey, the 12 months in 2012. It is about how important food is to me and how it brings family and friends together. Food is about celebration, about love, friendship and togetherness.

Part of the reason I wrote this book is also about me. About doing what seem impossible.

People have told me in the past that I should not try to achieve more than I am expected to achieve for someone like me. I did not do this to prove these people wrong but I did this to prove that I am right. That as long as you are willing to listen to yourself and believe in your ability anything is possible,

What recipes will you find in Fish Come From The Sky

Well, you will find some of my original recipes as well as some of my and my family’s favourite dishes.

You will find Marisa’s favourite chicken wings recipe that I have been making for her since she was 8 and still do now when she is 22. My virsion of my mum’s spring rolls that she use to make in her restaurant although I must say that I do not think it is as good as my mum’s but I think that is just me. Then there are more of the dishes I had fun with, turning the memory of James eating this exceptionally hot Thai green curry to impress me into a more mellow green curry risotto. Combining together the English love of pie and curry into a delicious chicken yellow curry pie.

So when you hold my book in your hands you will not only get great recipes but you will also hold the story of my life.

I hope you will enjoy reading and cooking from Fish Come From The Sky

as much as I did making it. I look forward to hearing from you and if you do have any question or need help with the recipes please do get in touch.


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