How to Cook Thai Sticky Rice in a microwave

How to Cook Thai Sticky Rice in a microwave
How to cook Thai sticky rice
How to cook Thai sticky rice

How to cook Thai sticky rice in a microwave? It is easier than you think. This is a no fuss way to cook sticky rice, not traditional but easy and fast. Great for when you get home and your kid is asking for sticky rice for dinner hehehe. Does that only happens in my house?

Sticky rice is Emj’s favourite. I think, if I let her she would eat it every day. Too be fair I would eat it every day too.

You might be surprised when I tell you that sticky rice is not rice made to be sticky! No, there are no glue involve. And it is definitely not Jasmine rice, Thai fragrant rice or anything like that.
It is a type of rice that is sticky (naturally) also knows as glutinous rice. It is eaten more so in the north and north east of Thailand.
Traditionally eaten using your hands to form the rice into a little ball and dip it in to Chilli paste and sauces.

I have very fond memories running around as a kid in Thailand with a sticky rice ball with Thai omelette inside.

Traditionally sticky rice should be steamed in a bamboo steamer but in this day and age most of us cook our sticky rice in a modern steamer or microwave. It does taste better if you can cook in the bamboo steamer but we do not have the time to do that plus no space for another kitchen gadget.

I have base this recipe on 200g of rice, it should be enough for 2. please multiply them as you require. It will take a bit of time to get the amount of water to rice to cooking time but you can not go wrong cooking it this way. Tip is to add more water to it if it looks to dry after the first cook and take water away is it looks too wet. Make sure you use a microwaveable container with lid. Use a large enough container to give it space to steam.

Thai Sticky Rice
Thai Sticky Rice

You will need:
200g, Sticky Rice – washed
250ml, warm to touch water – not hot, I just use tap water
1, microwaveable container with lid

Let’s cook!

Place the washed rice into the container and add in the water. ensuring that the water cover the rice (if not change your container) and that the rice are level (no need for sprite level) Cover and microwave on full (800w) for 5 minutes. Then give it a very quick stir and back in for 5 minutes. Once that is done give it one final stir and back in the microwave for 1 minute. Once the minute if up leave the rice to cook for 5 more minutes – do not open it. It will continue to cook in it’s own steam. Give it a final stir after the 5 minutes is up and it is ready to served. It is that simple to make, it might require a bit of practice to get it right thought.


English is not my first language. Please excuse any spelling and grammatical error.

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