My best green curry

My best green curry

What makes the best green curry?
I asked this question because my best friend came over to visit last week and I’ve made her a green chicken curry as I know she likes it. She said it was the best green curry she ever had, better than all the curry I have ever made her in all the years we have know each other! Don’t get me wrong I was very happy with the compliment but it made me wonder, what makes a green curry good? and what was wrong with all my other curries??

Green curry is one of the most well know Thai curry. You cannot walk for more than half a mile in any town and not find somewhere that will have green curry in their menu. Every Thai restaurant, cafes and pubs will have it on their menu one way or another. It might not be the authentic recipe, I am not even sure what authentic recipe is? (I am not big on “authentic”) But it will be on the menu “Green Thai curry” “Thai style green curry” “stir fried something with green curry” you get the idea. Green curry is never my first choice when I am out I go for stir fried dishes or starters, I love finger food.

For me green curry have to be hot, not as in heat but chilli hot at the same time sweet and salty. What Thai flavour is all about, a well balanced curry. It has to be chicken and on the bone, I think that makes a lot of different to the curry. The curry I made last week was with chicken on the bone. I do not mean I cook a chicken whole! I chopped (with a lot of effort) the chicken in to bite size pieces with a meat cleaver. And I do not know why but for the first time in a long time I was relaxed when I was cooking.
I don’t know if this makes the curry so good but I was relaxed and because of that I was enjoying cooking. I took my time frying the paste, slowly adding in the coconut milk until I have a nice green colour sauce. Adding in the chicken and letting it brown slightly then in goes the palm sugar and fish sauce before adding in the rest of the coconut milk. I’d let it cook for about an hour and add in the bamboo shoots and pea aubergine in the last 10 minutes. Hand full of Thai basil and slice red chilli goes in just before I served the curry with hot Jasmine rice .I use a curry paste I bought from Asian shop but it is a brand I like. I then add in some black pepper, krachai and fresh green bird eye chilli that I have pounded in a pestle and mortar. I like to do this to add freshness flavour to the readymade curry paste, like I have said before I do not know any one (Thai) who make their own curry paste. Well apart from my mother and I am doing my best to get the recipe from her.

So I guess for me the best green curry is one that is cooked with enjoyment! When you cook for the love of cooking?
Maybe I will order Green curry whenever I see one on the menu from now on and see if I can find the best green curry. The hunt for the best green curry starts here. Do let me know if there is any where you think I should visit. Oh and if you want to try to make my Green curry Risotto as well as many more fun dishes you can get my book here


Green curry risotto
Green curry risotto




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